Retention / Retainer Instructions


Instructions From Your Warminster Orthodontist

vbraces3At Casey Orthodontics, we are with you through every step of the orthodontic process, including after the braces come off. When they are removed, you will begin a process of retention. This is just as important as treatment and will last a lifetime. The first couple days you wear your retainer, you will notice extra saliva and might not sound normal when you speak. This is all to be expected, and you will be back to normal in just a couple days. As your Warminster orthodontist, we offer the following guidelines to keep your retainer in good condition:

  1. Keep It In - Your retainer should be in your mouth almost 24 hours a day. The only time you should remove it is when you are brushing, eating, or playing active sports.
  2. Use The Case - Retainers cost a lot to replace, so it's important that when you do remove yours, it goes inside the case we provide. Putting it in a napkin or your pocket runs the risk that it will get thrown away or put through the wash.
  3. Do Not Play With It - When you remove and replace your retainer, do as you have been instructed to avoid distortion or breaks. Do not play with or flip the retainer with your tongue.
  4. Keep Track Of It - Make sure you keep track of your retainer when you remove it to eat and brush. Keeping your retainer in your case when it is not in your mouth helps ensure that your retainers will be safe from any pets or small children that may break your retainer.

Retainer Hygiene

Cleaning your retainer every day is essential. When you brush your teeth, take the time to also brush your retainer. Simply use toothpaste, your toothbrush, and cool or lukewarm water. Hot water could distort it. On a weekly basis, soak your retainer in denture cleaner and then rinse it with mouthwash or water. You could also soak with a mix of equal parts water and white vinegar if you are looking for a cheaper alternative.

Learning More About Retention

If you are interested in learning more about retention after treatment from Invisalign or braces, or if your retainer has been broken, bent, or lost, contact Casey Orthodontics today at 215-674-0332. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you enjoy your healthy, beautiful smile for life!