First Visit

hbraces2You are closer than ever to enjoying a beautiful, healthy smile. Visiting a Warminster orthodontist is the first step on the road to improved oral health and improved tooth alignment; we are glad you have chosen Casey Orthodontics. Adults and children alike benefit from orthodontic treatment utilizing different types of braces. Our practice is here to help patients start their treatment correctly.

What To Expect

Your first visit to our office is likely to be for an evaluation of your current orthodontic treatment needs. Even though your primary dentist may have referred you to our office, an orthodontist is required to diagnosis the precise concerns affecting each patient and recommend a course of treatment.

Many patients in Horsham want Invisalign braces. This system of aligners is very effective at treating many different orthodontic concerns while offering a comfortable and convenient experience for patients. Each patient’s specific oral health care needs are different, so considering the treatment options best able to meet those needs is an important part of care.

During your visit you can discuss your concerns about orthodontic treatment and get personal answers to your questions. Your doctor and the rest of your care team are here to help.

What Patients Should Know

Orthodontic treatment consists of multiple stages. In general, you can expect it to consist of three different phases:

  • Assessment and fitting – Patients begin their treatment and learn the correct way to care for teeth and appliances.
  • Maintenance – Patients continue treatment under the guidance of their orthodontic care team.
  • Retention – After the braces have been removed, a lightweight molded retainer is used to finish the aligning process and make it permanent.

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