What Parents Should Know About Childhood Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on 12/23/2015

Childhood is the prime period of time when dental care can make the biggest difference, and this is true of orthodontic care as well. In fact, many family dentists will recommend that parents make an appointment with your local Warminster, Horsham, and Hatboro children's orthodontist around a child's 7th birthday. This checkup helps ensure that the child's teeth are growing correctly and no serious oral issues are present. Early detection of alignment problems is very beneficial, since intervention in childhood will result in improved oral health as a teenager and adult.

Early Treatment Is Best

As baby teeth fall out and permanent teeth emerge, alignment problems may develop and manifest themselves. These problems can have a number of consequences throughout a patient's lifetime, including:

  • Making adequate at-home dental cleaning harder to achieve
  • Impeding comfortable biting and chewing
  • Complicating normal speech development
  • Causing uneven wear on tooth enamel
  • Causing a person to feel self-conscious about the appearance of his or her smile

Because a child's teeth are still settling into place, this is an ideal time for alignment correction. A patient can enjoy many more years of great dental health as a result of treatment in youth.

The Advantages Of Early Treatment

Orthodontic treatment early in life can prevent the compounded problems that might develop over the course of many years. For patients in and around Warminster Horsham, and Hatboro, orthodontics can provide the valuable treatment support required for a lifetime of improved dental health. Uneven enamel wear can make teeth more vulnerable to decay, which can lead to cavities that will require treatment. Decay and cavities can also result from poor dental hygiene, which is one of the possible outcomes of having teeth that are difficult to care for adequately at home.

Enjoy A Lifetime Of Great Oral Health With Casey Orthodontics!

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