Discover The Best Toothbrush To Use While Wearing Braces

Discover The Best Toothbrush To Use While Wearing Braces
Posted on 12/23/2015

Although a toothbrush might look simple, it is actually one of the most important tools in a dental patient’s at-home oral care kit. If you are wearing braces or are going to be fitted for braces soon, your local Hatboro, Warminster, and Horsham orthodontists may have instructed you to use a particular sort of toothbrush. Many people are unaware of the variety of toothbrushes currently on the market. Each one is designed a little differently to provide optimal care to people with many different oral health conditions and equipment, including braces.

Basic Toothbrushes

There are two primary types of toothbrushes: electric and standard.

Standard toothbrushes have many different characteristics that provide a highly precise cleaning experience for users. These features include:

  • Squared or diamond-shaped heads
  • Boxy bristles, wavy bristles, criss-crossed bristles, or multi-level bristles
  • Straight, angled, or flexible handles
  • Soft, medium, or firm bristles or a combination of bristle textures

Electric brushes provide consistent pressure for an optimal cleaning experience. Unidirectional and rotational motions help users achieve thorough dental cleaning when used for the right amount of time. Although electric brush systems require a larger initial investment, all that needs replaced is the brush head.

What About Braces?

Toothbrushes with angled heads can best achieve the reach required for thorough cleaning in small spaces. Interdental brushes are designed especially for people with braces. These brushes have narrow, triangular heads that will effectively reach into the small spaces between teeth and wires. Some interdental kits come with disposable brush heads. This allows users to easily maintain a highly effective dental care routine without a spending a lot of money on replacement brushes.

Learn More About Dental Health During Alignment Therapy

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